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With our team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of implementation and sales of medical aesthetics and rehabilitation, we wanted to take a step further in the care of the individual’s body and spirit. Our services, which strive for the highest in quality, have been verified, and we have been in control of the market for more than 25 years.

Our cooperation with therapists, doctors and a qualified marketing team has led to significant results with which we are now approaching you. Professionalism and the creation of contemporary lifestyle trends are the virtues that distinguish us and mark our work.

We have answered the question of how we can enrich the time guests spend at hotels, resorts, spas and wellness centres and have created a holistic approach in which we combine two things: a comfortable stay and care for appearance and well-being.


An integrated approach is crucial if we wish to meet the needs of the guest and present the entire offer. Our packages not only encompass the experience of the guest but also expertise in managing the packages that are part of our offer.

In addition to the created packages, the approach that includes our service also includes integrated marketing. Let your portfolio of services be supplemented with the help of our young team.


Introduction of new, modern management solutions.

Concrete solutions for the needs of modern individuals.

Complete marketing support for the inclusion of our experience in your portfolio.

Comprehensive room equipment where guests will be pampered.

Continuous quality control.

Optimum counselling and 24/7 Service.

Re-training and presentation of novelties 4 times a year.

Optimum counselling and 24/7 Service.


We have to approach the subject matter from different angles in the desire to offer concrete solutions in connection with stress, overload and injuries that are not yet on the market. Furthermore, based on the research, we have calculated how long it will take for your investment to be recovered.

Depending on your industry and nature of business, one of below options will bring fast and positive changes.


We offer a complete service – everything you need to succeed.

A complete service includes consulting, training, marketing materials and all other support.

With Vitalmei approach we guarantee success.


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